Jejune [single]

by The Howl

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Recorded in June of 2014 at Million Yen Studios with Dave Lugo and Brian Tepps. Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room in Chicago.


A green line across my forehead says I was never really king at all.
And all my friends fell out like rotting teeth.
All my riches turned to dust, my kingdom crumbles and falls away.
But every face is a blossom of jejune praise.
I feel I'm learning more each day.
I need to find my feet again.
And I know that all good things must pass, but the aching never fades away.

A pair of lenses fracture light across a map.
The places we've never been are Sharpied onto scotch tape on a coffee can.
You were crying in the kitchen, I was helping you breathe.
You were screaming at the floor boards "This place is not for me".
But now you're leaving. The damage is done.
You fold us into airplanes and throw us at the sun.

And I still feel sick when I sit still.
I watch you follow plot-lines,
how she'd tilt her head to show you that
there was no condition
deserving of you.

Was I the wind between your palms?
Was she the slab that broke your fall?
And did you get my letters?

The green line across my forehead. Was I ever really here at all?
My efforts stretched like rubber bands, decayed.
We waltzed charades inside this abandoned apartment space
To the echoing promise made
that "maybe one day..."

I'd like to take my name and burn it with my mattress and my books and my identity.
And I'd like to drive until I can't see the skylines.
Sometimes I feel so stuck in propulsion, my feet are still in motion but my head is fucking frozen.
So I'm leaving.
The damage is done.
My love is unconditional, But I'm in no condition of love.

Now I've found something to write about.
This is the letting go for hope in jejune bloom.
If I told you that when you left I was discolored and frayed
Would you lend me your hue and wax?

(Trace your mind back to a time where headstones were headlines and your name pooled sweet on our tongues.)

And if I showed you, through verb and tax
That I had learned to let go
if I could go back, I'd say
That you were right. You're right. You're right.


released August 1, 2014
John Garrison - Drums, Ryan Grillaert - Bass, John Shotwell - Guitar, Sam Porter - Guitar/Vocals



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The Howl Chicago, Illinois

The Howl is an Indie Rock and Roll band from Humboldt Park of Chicago. The four dudes have been playing an energetic blend of rock and roll spiced with punk roots and angular, math-y melodies all around Chicago since 2012 and have toured nationally in the last year, expanding their fan base to both US Coasts. ... more

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